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The school of birth and breastfeeding ONLINE COURSE

What you'll get:

  • 6 hours of recordings, 1 hour each ($700 value!)

  • Pregnancy tips for a smoother birth and recovery

  • Tips on how to avoid unnecessary interventions, and how to navigate the ones that come up

  • A practical guide for supporting your mind body throughout postpartum recovery

  • How to tackle common breastfeeding issues before they become a problem

  • Access to the private Facebook Group Community ($100 value!)

  • Downloadable PDFs and resources for each topic ($200 value!)

  • One group coaching call for Q&A ($300 value!)

The class is non-judgmental and allows room for you to make the choices that suit your culture, preferences, and beliefs.

Don't wait until you're in labor to learn what strategies you can use! Sign up for the School of Birth today and start your journey to becoming empowered in your birth choices!

What Our Students Say


The sessions were very informative. It really helped relieve our anxieties as first-time parents!

- N & T, California


It really prepared me mentally for what to expect during labor and after birth. I already had a lot of knowledge coming in, but I still learned so much I never heard of before!

- K.S., Massachusetts


Thank you Naomi for such a positive experience! I definitely feel more prepared making choices for my family going forward.

- C.K., British Columbia

$1,300 Value for only $497

Meet Your Birth guide

Naomi IGnas

The School of Birth and Breastfeeding is taught by birth educator Naomi Ignas of Songbird Birth Services. With over 12 years of experience with birth at home and the hospital, she is a passionate advocate for birth choices and is trauma-informed.

Her experience birthing her son at home at 42 weeks while simultaneously receiving care from a hospital OB proved eye-opening, and through her established relationships with NICU nurses, naturopaths, midwives, lactation consultants, and mental health experts, along with ongoing training in all fields pertaining to birth, postpartum, and parenting, Naomi brings up-to-date, practical information to her clients.

Frequently Asked questions

When are the Recordings available?

They are available immediately, starting weekly on 12/1/2023.

How do I access the course?

You will receive an email with your login details to the course page along with the private Facebook group invitation and the portal Community group.

When is the Group coaching call?

Group Coaching will be the 2nd Saturday of the month at 3pm Eastern. If you cannot attend, email questions ahead of time and they will be addressed in the call, which will be available to view at any time along with the other recorded trainings.

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Here's What Past Attendees Say...

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